We continuously seek the best and the brightest when we recruit new employees and we’re consistently an employer of choice at leading engineering and business schools around the world. Our domain specialists have extensive experience working with companies in all major industries.

  • Hiring the best people, ensuring a diverse workforce and supporting the professional development of our associates are essential ingredients in our recipe for exceptional client service, strong leadership and industry-leading growth. Our talent base has continually expanded to serve the increasingly complex needs of a growing number of clients. DWH consistently earns high scores in our annual independently-conducted employee satisfaction surveys and staff attrition is extremely low.
  • A unique feature of our team is its deep domain expertise in key vertical industries. These segments span financial services; healthcare and life sciences; manufacturing-logistics and retail; and communications, information, media and entertainment services. Within these industries,
    we leverage a wide array of solution accelerators, frameworks and agile development methodologies spanning the entire technology stack to quickly and efficiently meet clients’ business needs.
  • The diversity of our workforce is an important area that we have targeted for focus and improvement. We have identified several affinity groups, which are employee-led associations designed to further their members’ personal and professional development, promote diversity and strengthen networking.
  • We also are committed to providing associates with opportunities to build valuable capabilities and successful careers. In addition to our DWH Academy and other training and education programs, we provide individualized career development tracks to empower our people to reach their full potential.


We are committed to continuous learning and giving our associates opportunities to stay current with leading-edge technologies—and to develop communication skills so that they can perform their roles effectively and efficiently.

All learning programs are conducted through DWH Academy, our in-house training center, using both classroom-based and online programs. This dedicated center offers many conventional and leading-edge educational programs for employees at all levels.

The four key educational initiatives are:

  • Continuing Education
  • Role-based Training
  • Executive Training
  • Certification